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I started PWN the SAT in 2011 as a simple blog where I figured I’d just drop a few test taking hints once in a while. Four years and well over a million(!) page views later, here we are!

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Diagnostic drills are now interactive. This site will track your progress on every quiz you take, which will help you identify your weaknesses and point you in the direction of content to help you turn those weaknesses into strengths. There’s even a section of the site that’ll help you analyze your Blue Book (math) test results.

The Q&A site, where you can ask me questions, is transitioning from Tumblr to this site. For now, qa.pwnthesat.com still points to Tumblr, but if you click “Q&A” in the menu above, you’ll go to the new (beta) version. I think you’ll like it better, once I’m done with it. Another place you might consider asking questions is the PWN the SAT Forum. It’s still a work in progress, but it will hopefully become a place you can get good, solid advice from your peers on all sorts of SAT prep topics.