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I started PWN the SAT in 2011 as a simple blog where I figured I’d just drop a few test taking hints once in a while. Four years and millions of page views later, here we are!

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This site will track your progress on every interactive quiz and diagnostic drill you take, helping you to identify your weaknesses and pointing you in the direction of content to help you turn those weaknesses into strengths. You can also use this site to analyze your Blue Book (math) test results.

The Q&A site, where you can ask me questions, exists in two forms, both here and on Tumblr.

New SAT coming March 2016

For now, most of the content on this site is aimed at the current SAT. I’m currently working hard on a new Math Guide for the new SAT coming in March 2016. Stay tuned to this site for announcements about that. Once the book is finished, I’ll be getting right to work on developing the site for the new test. If you have questions about the new SAT now, please feel free to ask them in the Q&A.